Clark Museum: Bridging past to the future

Unknown to many, Clark distinguishes itself as the home of one of the most complete and comprehensive museum in the province of Pampanga.

The Clark Museum / Museong Kapampangan has an expansive collection of artifacts, true-to-life replicas, informative dioramas, old photographs, art murals and interactive displays.

The Museum is curated to narrate the Filipino spirit of bravery, industry, and ingenuity.
Though located in Clark (a former American military base), Clark Museum briefly tells the story of the Filipino – a bigger world from which Clark grew and speaks of greater social and economic advances, and continuing progress.

Gallery 1: A Geo Hub for the Filipino Spirit – the Cradle between Arayat and Pinatubo
Sandwiched between two great mountains, Clark has favorable geophysical environment and strategic location as a central gateway at the heart of Luzon. Through this gallery, the ever-growing role of Clark as a hub for commerce, culture and communication is justified through its location.

Gallery 2: Filipino Industry and Ingenuity: Crafts and Rituals
The present province of Pampanga is home for artisans and has a wide network for industry trade – reflected in Kapampangan’s traditions and customs. From this perspective, the gallery explores the possibilities for innovation and progress.

Gallery 3: Interregnum: Clark Air Field, The Filipino Spirit Rechanneled
The gallery presents the history of Clark Air Field as a US Military base from 1900s from the perspective of a colonial life.

Gallery 4: Clark Freeport: Celebrating the Filipino Spirit – Renewed and Rising
Now a bustling urban development, Clark Freeport is a testament to the transforming Filipino nation – a spirit of bravery, rising ingenuity, and a shared vision for the future. The gallery presents the Filipino traits in leadership and management, and actual technicians and workers making it happen.

Schedule of Fees:

1.1 Organized Group Tour/Field trips (21pax and up) : Php100.00 (General Admission Fee)
1.2 Walk-In ( up to 20 pax )
1.2.1 Php100.00 – Adult Male
1.2.2 FOC entry for
Female ( under GAD program)
Students (with student ID)
PAF officers and dependents
Employees of Clark Locators
Visiting Groups/Individuals endorsed for FOC entry by CDC Management