Gastronomic pit-stops in Pampanga

Being the culinary hotspot of the country, a tour in Pampanga will never be complete without embarking on a gastronomic tour around the province. These are five must-visit and must-taste restaurants to appreciate the rich culinary tradition of the province:

1. Everybody’s Cafe

Angeles City’s Everybody’s Cafe is one of the most popular restaurants in the province. Retaining its cozy carinderia-type atmosphere since World War 2, Everybody’s Cafe strived to maintain its favorite classics such as Pritong Hito (fried catfish) paired with buro (fermented rice with fish or shrimp), and Morcon (steamed meat mixed with eggs, chorizo, vegetables).

2. Atching Lilian Borromeo

Visiting Atching Lilian’s ancestral home (San Fernando) is a must if you wish to taste authentic Kapampangan cuisine. You may not only taste Kapampangan dishes, but you may also experience how it is prepared and the traditional way of cooking it. For private dining reservations only.

3. Bale Dutung

A trip to Bale Dutung or House of Wood (Angeles City) is both an enriching and a satisfying experience. Savor the original Kapampangan food while being prepared right in front of you.

Crispy Lechon Skin, Lechon Tortilla, Bulanglang Kapampangan, Sisig Babi, and Kare-kareng Dagat

4. Aling Lucing’s

Long recognized as the queen of sisig, Aling Lucing was credited as the first to cook sisig – chopped roasted pig’s head (ears, cheeks, and snout or locally known as maskara), liver – served with chili and calamansi in a sizzling plate.

5. Razon’s Halo-Halo

Located in Guagua, Razon’s Halo Halo is famous nationwide for its simple and delectable dessert – fine crushed ice mixed with milk and a variety of sweet ingredients such as macapuno, sweetened banana, and leche flan with grated dauyap (lime) on top.